Monday, June 10, 2013

Got myself a food coach....

What's a food coach you ask? Something I made up. However it seems so appropriate. Anytime you want assistance with training in a particular area, you have a coach. Sports, life, why not food? Food is a touchy subject with me. Since I've been on this weight loss journey I've gone from one extreme to the other. Eating too much, to not eating enough. Or at least so they tell me. It stresses me the hell out to be honest with you. 9 times out of 10  I'm not hungry anyway. I've said it before....if I could just have an IV with the nutrition I need, I would be completely happy. But this isn't a movie and I don't have a Dr on my payroll....yet. LOL. I posted on Facebook last week about my lack of desire for food although I know I need it to continue my journey, actually I guess it's more important than that; I need it to live. I've learned to eat to live. I try to not overindulge and honestly my diet is clean and consists of pretty much fruits, nuts, veggies and fish. That's it. No processed foods, no packaged foods, no fast food. My cheat is normally a cupcake. Enter Jasiatic. She posted on my page three little words. "I can help." Those are three of my favorite words. Right under "I love you". There is so much power in both those statements. Anyway, I received a text from her the following day to arrange a meeting. We have been friends for years so a "meeting" for us could really end up meaning anything! We agreed to meet today. I arrived not knowing what to expect. She and I have discussed food in the past, she's made meals for me and I attend a monthly dinner party that she hosts called Satisfy. Her meals are always delicious and vegan. I'm almost always surprised by a dish that taste so good I have to ask....this is vegan? What did you use? Then she rambles off a list of stuff most of which I've never heard of. So our dialogue begins. She explains that she has started a new venture and she would love for me to be her first client. She will do an assessment, discuss my needs and then come up with a game plan for execution which includes trips to various grocery stores and meal plans. Bingo! This is perfect. She whips out her handy dandy notebook and starts taking notes. What foods do I like? What foods do I dislike? What are my food goals? What are my fitness goals? What are my fitness routines? How often do I eat out? What do I eat? And on and on. I think I even learned some things about myself during the process. It was great. It required me to be detailed and I had to promise to keep a food diary. She then told me she would look over the notes, we would arrange a follow up meeting and go from there. Her main goal is to make sure I reach the goals I've set for myself and mainly "to make sure I develop a healthy relationship with food." That statement alone is what excited me the most. Realizing that we do in fact have a relationship with food. A very necessary relationship and if its not nurtured properly it can become a toxic relationship. So, needless to say I'm very excited about this relationship and what's to come. I'll keep you posted. Sound like something you're interested in? Feel free to get you some: 

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