Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time is greater than money.

I'm working on my website so I'm trying to come up with interesting and innovative ideas to keep my viewers engaged. I decided to do some interview style videos so that people who don't know me and visit my site can get some insight about who I am and my message of Spread Love. I enlisted the help of my cousin, Freedom to shoot the video. I've actually been begging him for a year to do my documentary but he felt it would be a little overwhelming so I thought this would be a good way to get him to see it won't be that hard. (Like I know anything about videography and editing. lol) I asked my bestie, Kelley to come up with some random questions to ask me on camera so that I could have authentic reactions on film. She was supposed to interview me on camera but due to scheduling conflicts (yeah, she's a big deal) she wasn't able to do it. So I asked my brother, Christopher and he obliged. She emailed him the secret questions she came up with and it was a go. Let me just tell you.....this little project was AMAZING....hence this blog about it. My brother is an awesome interviewer. He not only asked the questions she prepared but he did his own follow up questions for my answers. I felt like we were not only creating magic, but bonding. He and my cousin were getting to know me on a deeper level and in the process I was learning about myself as well. Freedom and Christopher also bonded over lighting ideas, compared their cameras and discussed audio feeds so I learned a little about those things as well. One of the questions was time or money? My answer was definitely time because with more time doing what you love, the money will come. And this project was proof of just that. This time that we spent together as a family was invaluable. It's a memory that will last in all 3 of our minds forever....not to mention if we get together and do this full length documentary as planned....somebody is going to give us some money! :) So, here's the lesson, time is free. If you have nothing else to give, give time. Time creates memories and memories last forever. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


One of my best friends, Kelley has a blog.  Her latest post inspired me to write my latest post. I was surprised because since she's so filled with happiness, I thought this would be an easy assignment for her. She said it was a struggle and challenged us to do it on our own. The first 50 were easy. I got those without a pause. Then 50 to 85 required more thought. 85 to 100 required me to close my eyes and just be in the moment, then they came to life. And I think that's the fun part. The true meaning of life. Just enjoying things as they come. Learning that you don't have to make a mountain out of a molehill. Learn to adjust and keep it moving. It makes life so much easier.....and so much happier. What makes you happy? Here's my list:

  1. My Mom
  2. Long naps 
  3. Stamps on my passport 
  4. Text messages from my man 
  5. Sunshine on my face 
  6. Music 
  7. Getting dressed up 
  8. Classic black and white movies
  9. Romantic comedies
  10. Cupcakes
  11. My 4 year old niece's animated personality 
  12. The crack in my 13 year old nephew's voice letting me know he's getting older 
  13. Anytime my bank account is over 3 digits 
  14. Deep breaths 
  15. Getting great ideas 
  16. Laughing till I cry 
  17. Fast cars 
  18. Getting my nails done 
  19. Unexpected mail 
  20. My clients 
  21. Random strangers striking up conversations 
  22. When someone says "thank you" 
  23. My favorite book 
  24. Dancing to my favorite song 
  25. Sunsets on the beach 
  26. Laying by the pool all day 
  27. Inspiring others 
  28. Losing weight 
  29. The smell of Egyptian Musk 
  30. Candles 
  31. Having someone drive me around 
  32. First class upgrades 
  33. Bond No. 9 Nuits De Noho 
  34. Sushi 
  35. Green lights 
  36. Kissing with my eyes closed 
  37. Hugs  
  38. Clutter free environments 
  39. Mike Dickerson's photography 
  40. Photo booths 
  41. Full moons
  42. My toes in the sand 
  43. Baby oil fresh out of the shower 
  44. High thread count sheets 
  45. Beautiful smiles 
  46. Live music 
  47. Love 
  48. Long hot showers 
  49. Brooklyn, NY 
  50. Painting 
  51. Writing my blog 
  52. Helping others find their truth 
  53. Getting a haircut 
  54. Cowboy boots 
  55. The sound of waves 
  56. Working out 
  57. Holding hands 
  58. A roof over my head 
  59. Support from family and friends 
  60. Watching Breakfast at Tiffany's 
  61. Sunglasses
  62. Sitting on my balcony 
  63. Watching airplanes take off 
  64. Reading old greeting cards 
  65. Lipgloss 
  66. Scarves
  67. The sound of the train 
  68. Art galleries 
  69. Sleeping naked 
  70. Raindrops against my window 
  71. Window shopping at Tiffany's in Times Square 
  72. Papaya Sushi in Beaufort, SC 
  73. Road trips 
  74. Tumi luggage 
  75.  Chocolate covered bananas from Edible Arrangements 
  76. My mama's salmon patties 
  77. Yachts 
  78. Things that! 
  79. Words with Friends 
  80. Adventures with Kelley and Jessica 
  81. Long phone calls with my man 
  82. Conversations between me, my mom and my nephew 
  83. Unexpected phone calls from someone thinking of me 
  84. Running into old friends 
  85. Visitors 
  86. My birthday 
  87. Sundresses 
  88. Kids laughing hysterically 
  89. Family at holidays 
  90. True love 
  91. The Black Album Jay Z 
  92. Simplicity 
  93. North Hills in Raleigh, NC 
  94. Downtown Durham 
  95. Riding with my Jeep doors off 
  96. My purse collection 
  97. Vintage clothes 
  98. Surprises 
  99. Sautéed spinach
  100. You for reading this....Have an awesome day!