Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I went to see Dark Knight Rises yesterday. I'm someone who hasn't been to the movies in about 9 months and who watches TV MAYBE once a week. Even then I'll watch an old movie or documentary. First, let's address the obvious. The incident that happened surrounding the opening; horrible event. Did that affect my decision to see the movie? No. We are surrounded by crazies daily. If we are paralyzed by fear, it's stifles our soul. My decision WAS influenced however by my FB friends. LOL. Great marketing. I enjoyed it. It was action packed, well written and well produced. Well......except for one part....after he had the knife twisted in his leg, how did he continue on to save Gotham and not bleed out? Too deep on my part? OK, I digress. I don't know much about comics but I got the storyline. I've seen all the other Batman movies. So why am I writing about this? Because I'm a sappy sucka for LOVE. OK!!! I'm pretty sure this wasn't a love story but that's what is was for me. I love the passion Bane had for Miranda, how he cared for and protected her at any cost. (Yeah, I know they were bad! But bad people are capable of strange love.) I loved Bruce's determination to rise from the pit and yes I got teary eyed when they cheered "RISE" and he made it. Not because he made it but because of the satisfaction that showed in the blind man's face as he recognized the lessons he taught Bruce were absorbed completely. And I clapped with excitement (silently as my nephew looked at me strangely. HA!) when Alfred saw Bruce and Lily when he went on holiday. He loved that man as his own child and it was obvious throughout the movie. Just like a real parent, he tried to protect him from getting hurt in life and in love. SOOOOO, let's talk about the REAL love story......Batman and Cat woman! Good lawd! They both were sexy as hell. Intensity from the first encounter. Both were trying to protect themselves and their identities (literally and figuratively)....just like in real life. You try not to give too much. You have to figure out angles and motives...but when that Love Jones comes down on you, it's over baby! :) In a matter of time without a lot of dialogue even....they learned to let their guards down and trust in each other because they needed each other and shared common interests and goals. They were tied to each other at a deeper level that they both came to recognize. Not to mention, he made her want to be a better woman. And basically in real life, isn't that what real love is about? Ponder that, if you please.  AdiĆ³s! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Whatever man....

I always seem to have these grandiose ideas about the fact that I have to have something profound to say everytime I blog. Something that's thought provoking and leaves everyone saying "a-ha". But I recently realized that's so unnecessary. The bottom line is I have a voice that people want to hear (judging from everyone saying "when is your blog coming back?") LOL. Sooooo, I'll just come here and say whatever I want to say whenever I want to say it. If nothing else, hopefully you'll leave with a smile. Have a fab day!