Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tonight I'm flying to DC to attend Crush IQ. What the heck is that you ask??? It's a social media conference. For those who know me, you realize social media is a huge thing for me. It has helped us to grow our business, Revolution EGO, but more importantly, it's connected me with some great individuals. Some I may have never met in any other venues. I attended the conference in Charlotte, became a groupie, HUGE supporter and participant so, in turn the Crush IQ group invited me to attend their DC conference as a VIP guest. OK....once again, those that know me know I love the letters V-I-P. lol Not because it means you are better than anyone else but because it means that someone thinks enough of you to pair you with an elite group of people with special levels of expertise. In the case of Crush IQ, this is an opportunity for me to mingle with the best of the best in social media and learn new and exciting things. So, I'm super excited about this opportunity and the fact that Kelley and Jessica (The other members of RE) are going with me. The Crush IQ crew has taken me under their wings and not only exposed me to some great information but has formulated some good friendships for me as well. Case and point.... Elizabeth Galloway who is currently attempting to assist me with finding a last minute room because everything in DC is either on lock down or 5 million dollars a night. ;) I feel compelled to use this as a way to send some other special shout outs to my #CrushIQ crew. First, Ty Downing. When I met you at the social media conference in Raleigh 2 years ago and you taught me how to use Facebook Pages to grow my business...I knew you were special! You have by far been one of my best social media instructors and have fueled my passion to get more involved. Skeeter Harris....your spirit is great. I appreciated you giving me one on one tutorials and teaching me about Social Cam. It has become an integral part of my business. Not to mention, our cupcake conversations are mouth watering. LOL
Tim Moore.....ummm, besides being a rival Jay Z fan competing for my title as number one "Stan", you totally rock. You made me feel very welcome at #CrushIQ Charlotte and your energy is inspiring. Kevin already know! I'm excited about our future projects together. I'm so humbled that you want to work with me. Josh Harcus; my #rockstar counterpart. It was wonderful meeting you and you keep me laughing with all your random tweets.
Love all you guys and I know that after this weekend DC will never be the same. Let's crush it!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today was a huge day. My salon: Revolution EGO hosted a hair/fashion show at a local night spot called Re:Public. This event was AMAZING! The most amazing part was all the wonderful people that donated their time and talent to make the event a huge success. Models gave up their entire afternoon and evening to walk the runway. My favorite photographer, Mike Dickerson captured the evening on film. A local stylist named Davita Galloway donated her talented services as well as my makeup artist, Joy Randall. Several local poets delivered awesome poems, 2 local artist displayed unparalleled art work and the amount of natural hair wearers and other beauty/barber professionals that came out to support was just....overwhelming. I'm just so thankful. I'm passionate about what I do and to see it affect people in a positive manner is so rewarding. The event was such a hit that we've been asked to do it once a month. So....stay tuned!